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Icy Art

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With the oscillations of our temperatures rising above freezing during the day and then dropping below each night, a morning walk offers a variety of artistic spectacles. Icy designs form over the water that was flowing in the drainage ditches. The artwork is only temporary because as the earth spins to move our view of the sun higher in the sky, the ice turns to water and flows downstream.

This art show is a bonus to the overall benefit of the overnight freezes slowing the thaw of our snowpack, mitigating the threats of heavy erosion, or overflowing the banks of our small streams and rivers.

There remains a chance of heavy rain falling in April to a degree that flooding could still happen. Having the snowpack safely melted by that time will save us from worst-case scenarios that might have resulted due to the high water content that was in this year’s snow.

More and more ground is being revealed every day and April shows up on Saturday. Green plants will be sprouting soon. Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but it feels like it’ll be bouncing along very soon.




Written by johnwhays

March 28, 2023 at 6:00 am

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