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Day One

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‘Twas the first day of the new year and all through the house
the possibilities are endless like the droppings from that dang mouse.

The blessings we are able to enjoy tend to feel somewhat diminished by the harsh realities being suffered by people around the world who live in war zones or are enduring other oppressions. Mice in our house seem like such a minor hassle in comparison.









The morning frost highlighted horse hair snagged on the overhang support beam that gets used as a scratching post. It also made our evergreen trees look like the flocked white Christmas trees that I always thought were ridiculous when I was a kid. In my limited knowledge, trees weren’t white. Why would they make them that way?

Plenty of life lessons available in that example of limited perspective.

The weather service has put us under a winter storm watch for Tuesday. The first new snow of the year! The old snow we already have is starting to show its age.

The squirrels out our windows are going gangbusters after the acorns under the snowpack.

Sure wish there was a way to harness their energy and put it to good use. I wonder if they could be trained to ward off the mice that get into our house.

Happy New Year 2023!

Written by johnwhays

January 1, 2023 at 11:18 am

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