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It isn’t “all work, all the time” around our place. Sometimes we take a break to play. Yesterday, after knocking off another 50 yards of creating a shoulder for our new asphalt [only about 80 yards to go!], we wrapped up afternoon chores a little early and I took Cyndie to see, “Top Gun: Maverick” in a real movie theater.

It was just as entertaining for me as the first time I saw it and Cyndie added to my joys by liking it as much as I suspected she would. I drove the car home like it was a fighter jet.

We stepped out of the theater to a real-life air show.

We were in Hudson, WI, where it is not uncommon to see hot air balloons floating on the wind. These three were just taking off.

My first thought was, “Those won’t stand a chance against an F/A-18 Super Hornet.”



Written by johnwhays

August 23, 2022 at 6:00 am

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