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Berry Season

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It’s a little later in the summer than what we have experienced over the past ten years, but we aren’t complaining. Wild black raspberries are showing up all over our property this week. This is made more thrilling by the fact we lost many bushes to a rust fungus that is extremely contagious. Over the last two years, Cyndie has dug up countless plants in an attempt to limit the spread to adjacent bushes that showed no signs of disease.

To offset the losses, Cyndie has been working to establish a patch of red raspberry bushes that aren’t susceptible to the rust disease. Unfortunately, the deer liked the spot where she planted them and munched off the tops of the plants before they could flower. No red raspberries showing up now.

With the black raspberries now ripening everywhere we turn, it would be wise to always bring a pale along on our daily dog-walking excursions. Berry picking can spontaneously occur at any time when the berries all ripen at once.

Cyndie has found that her efforts to cover the entire property when the season is at its peak could become an endless loop. By the time she returns to the place she started, more new ripe berries appear and she could just keep on going round and round again.

In contrast, her strawberry patch is all in one place. The biggest battle there seems to be a resident squirrel with a taste for the fruit. In classic squirrel behavior, this varmint tends to just take a bite out of each berry it can reach instead of eating just the entirety of one. Maybe it is trying to lay claim on as many as possible with the intent of returning later for a larger feast.

As much fun and sublimely delicious as it is to get fresh strawberries from our own patch, Cyndie says there aren’t enough to fulfill her desires for her massive jam-making extravaganzas. When she returns from the holiday weekend at the lake, I believe there is a trip to the local berry farm in her plans.

She needs to get the strawberry projects completed to make way for the black raspberry jam and baked goods spectacles that immediately follow.

It’s looking like it will be a berry, berry good season for us this year.

I say, “Mmmm!” to that! Better late than never.



Written by johnwhays

July 5, 2022 at 6:00 am

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