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Perfect Delivery

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Surely, we are not unique in mentally steeling ourselves for the typical hassles related to scheduled deliveries. Way back in January, Cyndie was told she could expect our washer and dryer delivery near the end of March. We both took that prediction with a healthy dose of pessimism.

Amid the continued supply chain disruptions and ongoing pandemic, an upright freezer we bought was delayed month after month for nearly a year. We had little reason to trust the washer/dryer would be any different.

Alas, we were pleasantly wrong.

Cyndie periodically received messages alerting delivery progress, culminating with notice of an 8 to noon block on Wednesday morning. Then she got a call that they were 30 minutes out. They arrived right on time.

The question remained, did they have the installation accessories Cyndie ordered to convert the dryer for propane gas? Yes, they did.

As noted in the delivery confirmation message, the delivery crew could not install the propane fitting. Having prepared for this, Cyndie had contacted our local plumber to make, and guarantee, all the propane connections. They predicted he would be able to stop by before the end of the day.

The delivery crew loaded up our old appliances and took away all the packaging trash from the new ones. They made all the water connections and ran the washer to verify everything was in order.

A short time later, the plumber showed up and completed the dryer installation, letting it run long enough to confirm there were no gas leaks.

From beginning to end, everything transpired as perfectly as we could possibly imagine.

Color us very happy to discover our fears of a more troublesome outcome were entirely unwarranted.

The new washing machine will have a chance to prove its mettle very soon given the muddy conditions we continue to face outside.

In the last two days, we have received periods of heavy rain, including some lightning and thunder, followed by moments of sleet and slushy snow. The temperature has been hovering at the freezing point, and the water dripping off the fence wires was beginning to form cute little icicles.

When even the slightest breeze moved the tops of trees, similar frozen drips came clattering down.

I’m looking forward to a perfect delivery of some warm, sunny spring days very soon. Is that asking too much?

I hope not.



Written by johnwhays

March 31, 2022 at 6:00 am

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