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Interesting Cloud

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In many ways, the weather around here the last few days has felt rather November-typical and the sky has been a constantly changing mix of cloud types with intermittent moments of blue.

Yesterday, we saw what almost looked like the monster of all contrails.









Feel free to make up your own scary conspiracy story to explain what “they” are up to that created this spectacle.

It appeared close to the time the Omicron variant showed up in the world… Coincidence?

Um, in case you don’t know me that well yet, I’m poking fun at those who might actually believe the line above.

Regardless, doesn’t hurt (except maybe some people’s pride) to put on a mask if you are near a lot of other people.

Never mind to those of you who stormed the college football fields in Ann Arbor or Minneapolis yesterday. Hopefully, your euphoria will protect you from infections.

Big wins are soooo much fun in sports competitions. Way to go, Gophers!



Written by johnwhays

November 28, 2021 at 11:03 am

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