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Strategic Mowing

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The drought we are experiencing has stressed all growing things but our grass is the plant that looks the saddest. I have tried to stay off it as much as possible to avoid completely turning it to dust. The problem is, we’ve got a lot of weeds that don’t seem to care one bit that it is so dry. Heck, they appear to prefer it.

In addition to the weeds needing to be knocked down, there are shady areas where the grass is growing enough to deserve mowing.

Since I am headed for the lake again this weekend, joining Cyndie who is already up there, I decided to do a little strategic mowing yesterday after work. I made selective passes over spots most visible from the road or our driveway.

It provides a first impression that implies our property is well-tended.

Closer inspection would reveal that is not entirely accurate.

It feels good to have trimmed up the most prominent grassy areas despite the remaining spots where the weeds are getting taller than grass blades. I’m going to focus on the fact I am avoiding driving over the sections where the grass looks the most stressed.

A long, soaking rain would be a welcome change, but we have only been getting brief, heavy bursts that promote just enough growth that I have to strategically mow the green areas while the stressed areas fail to show signs of recovery.

I am curious to learn whether this month will offer any change to the weather pattern we have experienced for the last two. Time will tell.



Written by johnwhays

August 5, 2021 at 6:00 am

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