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Winning Cups

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I watched the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup by defeating the Montreal Canadians on Wednesday night. The television broadcast included some post-game celebrations and interviews with winning players. It included the typical reaction of, “I don’t have words to describe the feeling.”

The mostly bearded and predominantly burly men were hugging with passion and obviously over the moon with joy.

They won the Stanley Cup.

“We worked so hard for this.”

Yeah, I’m sure they did. Surviving a season of games and all the playoffs in the NHL is quite a feat. It’s in the realm of racing a bicycle for 21 days in France or climbing in the death zone to reach the top of Everest.

Heroic efforts like those bring the ultimate rewards that participants struggle to describe.

On Thursday morning, while I was grunting and sweating through my daily exercises for core strength, the thought occurred to me that I work really hard on this but I don’t get a cup.

The rest of us work really hard at our jobs every day. We labor through getting errands done, bills paid, mouths fed. We sweat and ache, we race, we problem solve, we fix broken things, and do the laundry. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough air to breathe.

But we don’t suddenly win and then take a few months off. No trophies, no podiums, no mountain tops. Day after day we get up and fight our battles without an end in sight.

Maybe that is why I like to watch sports. I live vicariously through the athletic accomplishments of others. This line of thinking has given me a new understanding of the people who buy lottery tickets. It becomes their shot at winning the cup. Otherwise, it’s just the daily grind with no end in sight.

I work hard. I’d kinda like to have a Stanley Cup moment like those guys.

Wouldn’t we all?

Now get back to work. It’s another day of doing what all the rest of us do every day.

We can watch trophy celebrations on tv later.






Written by johnwhays

July 9, 2021 at 6:00 am

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