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Yard Birds

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********** (Yesterday, an otherwise wonderful Sunday morning, I failed in my battle with learning the new “block” system of editing a WordPress post. I lost my temper, threw my computer, and went outside without publishing a post, where I would be able to work on projects I could control.

Try as I might to format the text and images to achieve my intention, the results consistently foiled me. After repeated unintended results which looked ridiculously wrong, from which I could not find the “undo” option that would at least return to the previous look, I boiled over.

Without going back and striving to accomplish my goal, I am, for now, resigning myself to living with whatever result this new editor mode produces, whether I like it, or not.

The following is the text and images I wanted to post yesterday morning, not as I intended it to look, but as the WordPress software allows me to present.)


The pullets and Rocky are still confined to a fenced courtyard attached to the coop, but the big girls –a buff orpington, an australorpe, and a wyandotte– wander the property freely.

Saturday, while Cyndie was cleaning up the pine needle aftermath left from our removal of another dead pine tree, the three hens showed up to get in on the action.


Never one to pass up an opportunity to offer food to her loved ones, Cyndie had a treat ready to serve.

The girls rarely pass up the offerings of anything edible.

I think it shows in their not-so-svelte silhouettes.



Written by johnwhays

October 5, 2020 at 6:00 am