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Old Friends

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Yesterday, Cyndie was in the vicinity enabling her to pay a visit to our horses at their current home a couple hours west of us. I am living the experience vicariously, aided by pictures.

That’s Cayenne and Dezirea who were in a corral of their own for some respite from harassing suitors seeking to be primary keepers. These ladies can definitely fend for themselves, but a little break from others is something we could all use from time to time.

At the time, Cyndie didn’t spot Hunter, but learned later he was off in one of the much larger pastures.

They looked great. Cyndie was able to untangle Dezi’s perpetual snarl in her mane.

I can tell it was a little heartbreaking for Cyndie, but still energizing to be with them again. Coincidentally, I found myself pausing in a walk with Delilah at about the same time Cyndie was with the horses, stooping to pull thistles that were overgrowing an old pile of manure in the large paddock.

I must have been feeling the reconnect they were enjoying and was drawn to the place they formerly occupied here.

Love those horses.



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September 5, 2020 at 10:05 am

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