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Sad News

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On our way home from dinner last week, we stopped Cyndie’s convertible to visit with our neighbor from across the road, who was out for a walk. In the middle of general chit-chat, she asked if we’d heard about the woman who lived behind their property.

We hadn’t.

The 68-year-old woman had been out in her pasture spraying weeds when her ATV rolled, ending up on top of her. When her husband finally discovered her, she was dead.

Just like that.

It’s stuck with me. One moment she was tending to a chore, and the next, her life was over.

Swanson was operating a four-wheeled ATV with a chemical sprayer attached to the back rack while spraying weeds on a hillside in a cow pasture. The ATV lost its footing, rolled down the hillside and came to rest on her. The Pierce County Medical Examiner pronounced her dead at the scene.

Any day, an unexpected accident could happen. Have I been complacent on our property? I probably have, but never feeling my life was at risk.

It’s sobering.

Be careful out there.

Yeah. I will.




Written by johnwhays

July 6, 2018 at 6:00 am