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Sweet Success

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With Cyndie’s excellent supervision deftly guiding me at every step, my first attempt at baking her classic caramel rolls was a success.

A large pan with nuts, and a smaller pan of nut-free.

Using an instant-read thermometer, we could see that the larger pan needed to bake longer, despite the top already looking perfectly browned. We gave that batch extra time in the oven, after the heat was turned off, but it wasn’t enough.

We turned the heat back on, covered the rolls with foil and added a few more minutes to hit the temperature goal we sought.

The areas I was most concerned about were the caramel becoming too sticky or brittle, and the dough being too dry or under/over cooked. On both accounts, the outcome was right on target.

Sigh of relief.

With this challenge now behind me, I can see that the hardest part for me was getting my hands clean before starting.

I had been working on my bike and had grimy black grease from the chain making my hands look a lot more like a mechanic’s than a baker’s.

I scrubbed and scrubbed until there were no signs of grease, dried my hands with a paper towel and stood holding them in the air like a surgeon waiting for gloves when Cyndie came in the front door from walking Delilah.

She knew I was ready. For me, the hardest part was over.



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May 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm

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