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Tragic Breakup

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The beautiful snowstorm of last Monday is mostly a memory. The 14-inches of accumulation that poured down on us in a matter of hours during the day has been drastically reduced by a few subsequent days of an above-freezing thaw.

Grass became exposed where I plowed or shoveled, pavement showed through on the driveway, and the deck got as clear as a summer day.

I was gazing out at that deck yesterday when I spotted a tragic result of all that snow.

One of the prominent pine trees near the house had lost its top, as the two main leaders split apart and toppled away from each other.









Meanwhile, despite the areas of pavement that were dry, the slope beyond the shop garage remained an icy challenge that a FedEx delivery truck was unable to successfully cross.

Moments after delivering his package, Delilah’s barking alerted me to the driver trotting back up toward our house. He’d slid off the driveway into the snow bank and wondered if I could pull him out.

We tried several options, seeking the least complicated solutions first, but everything led his truck deeper into trouble until I got out the diesel tractor. Using the trick of wedging the loader bucket against the driveway and using the hydraulic force to “walk” the tractor backwards, we successfully got the truck out of the snow and back up on the icy driveway surface, which we had smartly covered with grit from our pile of lyme screenings.

That allowed the driver to roll forward off the riskiest segment of ice and out of the most hazardous section of the driveway.

We shared a laugh over how nice yesterday’s warm weather was and how far removed it was from the drama of Monday’s storm, yet the results of that storm were still having all this impact on our lives.

The ditched truck was a quick resolution, but the tragic breakup of our tree will linger as a long-term reminder of the harsh realities that come along with the beauty of these big snowfalls.



Written by johnwhays

January 28, 2018 at 10:57 am

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