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Crazy Times

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Things have been a little crazy around here lately. I blame the hurricanes in the Atlantic. If a flapping butterfly wing can trigger a hurricane, what do three hurricanes to the south/southeast of our continent trigger way up here? Probably something crazy.

The other day, Cyndie reported stepping out of the house to check on the chickens when she heard all sorts of commotion and squawking going on nearby. She found them over in the neighbor’s woods, all up in tree branches. It occurred in the late morning hours, so there was no reason to think they were just up there settling in to roost for the night.

She said it was easy to coax them down and lead them back near our compost piles, where she tossed some cracked corn in hopes of keeping their attention focused on our land. 

There was no sign of what might’ve chased them up into the branches.

Elysa and Ande stopped by last weekend and found the chickens in a wonderfully social mood. The birds enjoyed some grapes for a treat and spent a little time hanging out with the lounging humans.

Luckily, the birds weren’t loitering nearby on Tuesday when Cyndie was walking Delilah and a rabbit triggered a response that cut too sharp around a fence post. The ring which the leash was clasped to ripped out of the harness.

The dog was off-leash!

…And ignoring all commands, while disappearing into the woods after the bunny. Cyndie hustled to secure the chickens and then hunted for about a half-hour, before finding the escapee laying at the bottom of the backyard hill, looking like she was waiting to be found.

Just enough crazy to feel like something isn’t right, though, gladly for us, nothing forcing us to evacuate from fires, floods, or Category 4 and 5 freight-train hurricane winds.














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September 8, 2017 at 6:00 am

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