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Rekindling Memories

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What’s a mere forty years? Well, to a kid who just finishes high school, it can seem like a couple of lifetimes. That’s how much time has passed since I saw some of the folks who lived in my community and attended the same schools as me when I was growing up.

Last night we held a reunion for the Eden Prairie High School class of 1977. Almost fifty precious members of our class showed up to laugh together about the foibles of our youth and catch up with what is happening in the present version of our lives. The third version of ourselves, if you count it roughly in ‘high school’ years.

It tends to involve grandchildren, and body parts wearing out.

It also involves a lot of love. The people who make the effort to attend a reunion have a tangible interest in being with the people who share their common history. The facial expressions of recognition and remembrance last night were a joy to behold, very often followed by an embrace.

I’m pretty sure we could have talked all night, but somehow the hour gets late and life beckons. The common feeling is that we should do this again, soon. Why wait for the next reunion? It’s a nice thought, but that real life we all lead spreads us far and wide, putting our available time for gathering at odds.

“I’ll have my people contact your people.”

“I’m available Thursdays at 2:00. How about you?”

Or, in my case, “I’m an hour from the cities. How does that work for you?” Well, hopefully it can work for more than a few. A couple people tossed the idea of our ranch being a possible reunion gathering spot in the future.

I’d do it without hesitation. It’s a place with a lot of love, and a touch of the countryside reminiscent of the acres of our old stomping grounds forty-some years ago in Eden Prairie.

Maybe that’s why we love our little paradise so much. It would be a thrill to share it with the folks who mean a lot to me from my youth. They are the first girls I fell in love with and the guys who, whether they realize it or not, helped me figure out what kind of person I was going to be when I grew up.

We are shaped by those around us. I learned good things and bad. At this point in life, the good things have become well established and the bad things provide a few chuckles, looking back.

It’s kind of nice that we can do it all again, in our memories every ten years or so, with the people who were actually there at the time. Next reunion, we’ll be into our fourth ‘high school’ measured lifetime. I’m already looking forward to the opportunity.














Written by johnwhays

July 16, 2017 at 9:14 am

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