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Snow Goes

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dscn5868eThe month of March arrives with its saying about lambs and lions, but the climate confusion we have going may require we come up with a new definition for the chaos of winter’s departure. Last week’s snow is fading fast around here now.

The little snowman that Sara made on Saturday has become just a fraction of his old self in the back yard.

In a week and a half we’ll be moving clocks again to shift the days an hour forward. Will it inspire me to get anything more accomplished in the evenings after work? I don’t know.

There is plenty to be done, but my motivation has been lacking by the time I get home from the commute. Of course, yesterday it happened to be a gloomy gray day.

dscn5869eIf the sun is out and the air gets warm, I expect there will be an added spring in my step.

With the grounds wet and soft, I can turn my attention to some machine maintenance that is more than due, and there is always wood to be split.

Indoors, we have an appointment tonight for a quote on window replacements, and then I have a dishwasher door that needs the counter-balance spring mechanisms replaced.

I don’t see a day on the calendar marked for lollygagging around anywhere in the near future.

Do I need to make an appointment for that?












Written by johnwhays

March 1, 2017 at 7:00 am

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