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Trimming Time

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dscn5609eAfter last week’s extremely cold weather, the swing of about 60° in the direction of warmer yesterday made our decision of waiting until this week to trim the horses’ hooves seem like a brilliant one. I thought Legacy looked particularly more limber than his usual self and credited it to the warmer temperatures.

Who doesn’t feel less tensed up when first day of winter turns out to be a melty, well-above freezing temperatures day?

Unfortunately this warm up comes with a threat of rain and some thunder in the days ahead, and for some areas near the Mississippi river, a flood warning!

What will they think of next?

George made quick work of the 16 hooves and Anneliese helped me finish the housekeeping in the space beneath the overhang. We were done before the sky turned dark. Pretty impressive for the shortest day of light.

dscn5614eFrom here on through winter, the days will be getting longer. I don’t know about warmer or colder, but they will definitely be getting longer.

Hopefully, they won’t get colder right away. Something is up with our geothermal heating system such that it doesn’t seem to be able to reach the set point.

During the cold snap, it was logical that it couldn’t keep up, but now that it has gotten so much warmer outside, the furnace shouldn’t have to work so hard.

Desirea shows off her new hoof-icure while munching from the slow feeder.

I think the horses are happy to have their blankets off. We’ll see what they think in a few days when rain, not snow, comes down from the sky.

Happy winter!












Written by johnwhays

December 22, 2016 at 7:00 am

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