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Mukluk Love

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Have I gushed about my Steger Mukluks yet this winter? No? Then I’m overdue. These boots are simply the warmest and most comfortable winter footwear I have ever encountered. I’m on my second pair in about 30 years and the ones pictured are barely into their second season of use.

dscn5605eWith both pairs I have been somewhat selective about when I choose to wear them, reserving each for times when there was a worthy amount of snow. They work just fine in other conditions, but for me they excel in the snow. Minimizing my time on hard surfaces like concrete or pavement is one of the ways I’ve been able to extend the life of the boots.

One of many features I adore is that they aren’t made with a left or right design. By switching them annually to the opposite foot, natural wear and tear is stretched out to double what it would otherwise be. They feel weird at first during the transition phase, but the soft sole adjusts soon enough to the new shape.

The overall feel is another amazing feature, albeit a little odd at first. Since they are soft soled, it feels a lot like wearing a slipper, and who would wear their slippers out for a hike in the deep snow? It’s just plain weird. But it is also liberating for feet to be so incredibly comfortable in such harsh conditions.

The absence of a firm structure to confine the foot into a specific space allows toes to spread out to their full natural width. This supports maximum blood flow through the foot and that naturally contributes to warmer feet. When wearing my mukluks, my feet are never the part of me that gets cold.

Steger mukluks are not an inexpensive option, but they are a worthy investment that provides incredible dividends. The longer you can make them last, the more value you get for the many dollars spent.

One last bonus: If you are hesitant about being active outside during the winter, owning a pair of boots that are the most comfortable ever and keep your feet warm and dry, will make you want to be out there every day possible.

I love my Steger mukluks!

p.s.: I forgot to mention how easy it is to slide my feet into, and out of them. It really is like putting on slippers. There. One more bonus, after the “one last bonus” above!












Written by johnwhays

December 20, 2016 at 7:00 am

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