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Disappearing Loaf

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On Wednesday, Cyndie baked a couple loaves of bread and we cut into one of them right away at dinner. Yesterday morning, I received a text from Cyndie:

“Did you bring bread to work today or did Delilah eat a half loaf last night?”

I did not take any bread to work with me, so I guess…

Cyndie and George were going to have some toast for breakfast but she couldn’t find the loaf we had cut into. I can imagine her mental gymnastics of trying to figure out where it could be. Did we completely clear the table when we retired to the fireplace in the living room after the meal?


Looking innocent, “helping” Cyndie change the bed sheets.

Our dog has no history of taking anything off our kitchen counters, but anything lower than that might be a risk. If she took it from the table, there is a little bit of history there.

Early on in getting to know our new canine family member, Cyndie placed her coffee and toast on the table with her computer and stepped away to grab one more thing. She returned to find Delilah standing there with marmalade on her whiskers.

“Did you just take my toast?!”

Cyndie reported the look she received seemed to indicate Delilah assumed the toast was left there for her to take.

There were no crumbs of evidence detected anywhere yesterday morning. All I know for sure is that I didn’t take the half loaf of homemade bread.

Now I wish I had.













Written by johnwhays

November 18, 2016 at 7:00 am

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