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How did we get to this point in the story? …Previously, on Something Relative:

John (that’s me) and his friend, Gary, were going on a trek in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal and wanted to share stories and photos of the trip with friends and family. Son, Julian, suggests I should use a blog for the purpose. I look to post something new everyday to keep the thing from becoming stale.

I write some poetry and take pictures. One day, my wife, Cyndie, tells me I should put my poems on my images. Words on Images becomes a regular, occasional feature.

I share stories and pictures from an annual bicycling tour and camping week that happens in June every year.

Cyndie and I go on a trip to Portugal to meet Ian Rowcliffe and his family and friends. Life altering trip inspires us to dream about creating a forest garden of our own and leads Cyndie on a path of discovery with horse communication.

When we decide to look into selling our suburban home of 25 years and shop for horse property, Cyndie gets recruited for a lucrative position with Boston Public Schools. Blog becomes filled with posts depicting me trying to cope with her absence while doing some minor remodeling in preparation of putting our house on the market.

Cyndie comes home after a year and we get our first offer on the house. We take a look at a few new properties in town before seeing the paradise that we chose in Wisconsin.

Blog becomes a chronicle of our transition to rural life while making property enhancements toward becoming first-time horse owners. Oh, we also got a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog named Delilah who has a knack for commanding all attention possible. Cat, Pequenita, is a sweetheart who demands less attention, but is no less loving and lovable.

I begin to figure out power tools and tractors. Cyndie and I trade off years staying home full-time to manage the property. We plot launching an equine-assisted training business. A relationship blossoms between our family and the Morales family in Guatemala, growing from a first meeting between Cyndie and Dunia at the Epona apprenticeship in which they were both enrolled. Trips back and forth to visit each other in our home countries ensue.

We decide to try building a chicken coop ourselves and make plans for a couple of years, fretting over how we would keep dog, Delilah, from killing them if we added a flock.

Neighbors (and our farrier), George and Anneliese temporarily move in with us while they are between homes in a plan to move closer to family back in Minnesota.

Somehow enough people overlook the crude and bullying, most times inappropriate, and occasionally vulgar statements and behaviors of a candidate with no previous governing experience to elect him as our 45th President in our national U.S. election.

Super moon arrives to the closest proximity in the last 69 years. It looks like a sunrise in my image.


I’m not quite sure what to expect next. Will we actually get chickens? Will we figure out how to grow our own hay and get it cut and baled? Will we launch the business? Will we ever get our dog appropriately trained? Will the climate continue on its trend of increasing warmth and extreme precipitation events? Will I continue to post something new every day? Will I find a way to get back to visit Ian in Portugal again? Will we get the significant projects under control enough that I can ride bike and play guitar more? When will I cut my hair again?

Stay tuned and keep following along. I’ll probably post about all the above and more, with photos!

Thanks for reading my “Relatively Something” take on things and experiences!

John W. Hays












Written by johnwhays

November 15, 2016 at 7:00 am

4 Responses

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  1. Love it John, Love you. You bring great joy and beauty to this crazy world. Blessed to know you for sure. Thank you.

    George Walker

    November 15, 2016 at 11:09 am

    • Back atcha, my friend! The joy is mutual, for sure. Figured you and ‘Liese might get a chuckle out of my “Previously…” intro, recognizing where I got that inspiration from. 🙂


      November 15, 2016 at 1:46 pm

  2. You really scared the crap out of me….I was afraid this was leading to your retirement from blogging…..THAT would be a huge loss!!! Love following you and your life. Stay happy! from your favorite sister…..


    November 15, 2016 at 11:04 am

    • Thank you! Didn’t mean to cause a scare. Just followed a whim to revisit the previous 7 years and provide a synopsis for the newer readers from all over the world who continue to stumble upon my relativity.


      November 15, 2016 at 1:43 pm

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