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Every night feels like a party for us lately, as we invited our neighbors, George & Anneliese, to stay with us while they are between homes in their process of moving away. It’s a blast to have their company for evening meals and after-dinner entertainment. dscn5241e

Last night they helped make egg rolls to go along with a stir-fry pork and veggies dinner.

Later, we turned them on to a favorite 2007 NBC television series, “Life,” starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi. I remember learning about the show from Cyndie’s brother, Ben, and his wife. They recognized it as something we would probably appreciate. They were so very right.

We figured George & Anneliese would feel similarly.

Cyndie and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that it had been so long since we’d watched any of the episodes, it seemed pretty fresh again to both of us.

Having company to share the viewing with us, and the fact they hadn’t seen any of it before, added to the experience. There is something about shared watching —like going to a movie in a theater— that expands the event.

Unfortunately, we needed to adjust to ignoring the occasional intrusion of little Asian beetles on the TV display, which doesn’t usually happen when going to the theater to see things on the big screen.

Between Delilah bringing her chewed-up bone over to the couch where they were sitting, and bugs pestering our view, George and Anneliese got a good dose of being included as family.

It has me already contemplating the probable withdrawal symptoms we will go through after their stay is over.

It’ll be like becoming empty-nesters all over again.












Written by johnwhays

October 5, 2016 at 6:00 am

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