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Ladder Work

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dscn5233eYesterday was a day on the ladder for me as we completed the job of applying a new coat of sealer on the wood siding of the shop garage. Climbing up and down all day is a fair amount of work, but I think the more intense exercise causing my residual stiffness today is from the unconscious-nervous-flexed-muscle tension while I was balancing on the precarious perch.

I’m not all that thrilled by heights.

It was worth the discomfort though, because what does thrill me is having the flaky siding now freshly sealed against the elements.

dscn5237echI wish that was all the sealing that needed to be done. The house really should receive a fresh coat, as well.

Will we have enough dry days for that to happen before cold weather sets in?

Time will tell. I have that pesky nuisance of a day-job that tends to get in the way of finishing projects at home.

Oh, and sometimes other distractions pop up on the weekends, like a fabulous barbecue event hosted by a special friend, followed by a trip to downtown Minneapolis to see Brian Wilson perform the classic Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album in its entirety.

Not a lot of work going to happen this dry sunny day. Tired muscles get a break.












Written by johnwhays

October 2, 2016 at 9:40 am

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