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Cold Rain

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Okay. About that idea I wrote of yesterday that we might have a string of dry days to celebrate this week… Not exactly. I drove home from work in rain and by the time dinner was done last night, the temperature had dropped into the 40s (F).dscn5226e

Our furnace got turned on yesterday morning, and we lit a fire in the fireplace last night.

If it weren’t for the leftover leaves still attached to the tree branches, I’d think it was already October. Wet and cold. Cyndie made apple crisp which helped take some of the edge off.

The horses got a night in the barn because Cyndie was concerned about preventing their hooves from being wet all night.

Part of me wants to lament over the rapid disappearance of September, but I’m thinking I should avoid moping about it and put my sights on what lies ahead. I might as well start waxing my skis and getting the snow blade mounted on the ATV.

Winter is not far off. It’s a good thing it’s my favorite season of the year. Looking forward to it is so much more fun than dreading what is to come.

If it weren’t for all these constant distractions, I might make better progress at living fully in the present moment. The art of doing that continues to be something I struggle to accomplish.

It doesn’t help that lately the present moments so often involve rain around here. Who can be blamed for needing a break from that repetition?

I like to imagine what it would be like if our temperatures were already below freezing during these recent batches of precipitation. Speaking of which, I wonder where I put my igloo making fixture.

Of course, the next thought that comes to my mind when thinking about snow this year is, I should have purchased that fat bike I was looking at over the summer. coldrain

See how one thing leads to the next?

It’s the kind of mental exercise that one falls into when the weather outside gets cold and rainy.

Looks like Thursday through Sunday holds some promise for dry sunshine. That would go a long way toward helping me enjoy the last days of September to the fullest…

Completely, in each and every one of those moments.












Written by johnwhays

September 28, 2016 at 6:00 am

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