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Boot Treatment

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Last Christmas, Julian gave us a gift of a two-step “hydrophobic” water-proofing spray. I didn’t use it right away because I wanted to wait for warm weather before applying it on my boots. With the end of summer looming, I finally got around to treating my most oft-worn work boots.

img_1704eThe first-step spray made my freshly cleaned and dried boots look almost brand new. The second coat created a chalky, uneven finish. It was difficult to get an even coat without over-applying. The front edge was looking too wet with product, so I didn’t spray more, but after it dried a bit, there was little chalkiness there.

A day later, after just a short walk in the boots, it appeared the crease lines where the boot flexes became breaks in the new chalky coating. Luckily, that didn’t seem to make any difference in the hydrophobic properties of the new coating.


Certainly, the canvas portion of the boot was much more resistant to soaking up the moisture of dew when I walked through our grass in the morning, but the vinyl edges didn’t look all that much different.

I showed off the results in a snapshot and video for Julian and he asked how the new coating was handling mud and manure.

dscn5201I think I’m going to need to apply another coat. That challenge with that will be getting the boots clean enough again to receive the application.

I realize now that the biggest cause of the delay in getting around to using this gift wasn’t the weather. It was finding a time when the boots would be clean and dry.













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September 25, 2016 at 10:09 am

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