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Cutting Grass

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Sure, I spent most of Friday mowing the hay-field, and then Saturday I mowed the lawn, but those two projects were easy compared to the work involved in cutting the overgrown grass in the labyrinth on Sunday. The growth since Cyndie last mowed was as thick as it was long. Seriously, I wondered if maybe she had skipped parts of it, because it was hard to imagine that much growth in such a short time.DSCN5013e

I paused for a photo when there was just a small strip left, just like we had done out on the hay-field.

Because it was so long, I was using our power trimmer to do the cutting. When possible, we use a reel mower that just fits between the rocks. At the rate things grow around here, I’m thinking we should keep our eyes out for reel mower with an engine to see if we can find one that would still fit the narrow path.

We would like to keep the grass cut putting-green short.

In a surprising shift from my previous mindset of being small-gas-engine-averse, we have had enough luck with the power equipment we have acquired thus far, that I am much more willing to consider the idea now.

There are just too many acres to manage and too many tasks that need to get done, to rely too heavily on human-power (even if it’s still my preference).

It helps that I have grown accustomed to wearing hearing protection, which takes the edge off.

That said, I still refuse to use a blower to clear leaves or clean sidewalks and driveways. Ain’t gonna happen.












Written by johnwhays

August 9, 2016 at 6:00 am

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