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Falling Behind

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This place we call Wintervale is truly a paradise and a joy for me, but this morning it is feeling a little overwhelming. Can it be that one day makes that much difference? The day-job is very demanding right now and I needed to work on my usual Friday-day-off yesterday. Between that and our spending the long weekend away last week over the holiday, I have fallen behind on the grounds keeping at home.

The growth is like a jungle in the yard and on our trails. In addition to the usual lawn mowing, the drainage swale and fence lines are overdue to be cropped. The composting manure is also overdue to be turned and distributed, and I am behind on wood splitting and several other projects I had hoped to accomplish.

What can I do about it?

I’ll mow the lawn today. It makes the biggest difference in giving the appearance that things are under control.

I’ll note that it feels more overwhelming than it really is because Cyndie is away this weekend and I am home alone.

IMG_iP1440eI’ll spend some time among the grazing herd and absorb their calm and peaceful energy. This option is the most rewarding for me …as long as I can avoid noticing the overgrowth of weeds we were hoping to control.

I’m hoping to squeeze in time to mow the back pasture with the brush cutter behind the diesel tractor, since it is not being grazed enough to keep things in check. Left to neglect, these fields are incredible weed factories.

Grazing has been curtailed this summer after Cayenne showed up lame while I was on my bike trip and the vet exclaimed the herd needed to lose weight immediately.

All this grass and they shouldn’t eat it now.

All this growth.

On the bright side, we are definitely not enduring a drought!

I have to go mow.












Written by johnwhays

July 9, 2016 at 6:52 am

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