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Then Smoke

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The newest invader is smoke in the air from Canadian forest fires. Well, not just forests. I’ve been fixated lately on what it is like up at Fort McMurray, where fire is raging through the population center and destroying so many homes.

This morning, our sky is a milky gray and the sun rose as a deep orange orb over the horizon. I suppose the impression of smoke might be intensified by the fact we sat around a fire last night at George’s. When stepping in the house after being outside, it quickly becomes apparent how much our clothes absorbed the smoky aroma.

I love the smell, to a point. This is definitely one of the situations where a little is good, but more is not necessarily better. I know it is bad for our air quality, but I love the distant smell of burning wood. However, when it blows directly in my face, it becomes a bitter irritant.

I shudder to contemplate the ramifications of not just one house burning in a fire, but every house around. Yesterday in the news feeds, I came across James O’Reilly’s security camera video of the moment their house was consumed by the blaze. They had gotten out just 20 minutes earlier.

A woman named Jennifer Knuth is trying to maintain a sense of humor amid the devastation and posted the crazy things that made it into her suitcase in the last-minute desperate packing to flee.

In this time of crisis when we have lost almost our entire city and packed our whole lives into a car or a suitcase we need laughter. I urge each and every one of you, as you unpack wherever you are, to post a picture of the funniest thing you packed while fleeing for your lives. I shall go first … Cheese slices and snow pants!!!!! God bless Fort McMurray.

IMG_iP3289eCHThere are descriptions of the ways people are evacuating, including, by horse. That certainly caught my eye. It doesn’t look like the populated area was one where there were many horses being kept, but if this kind of fire happens here, we won’t be able to do anything but open the gates and let our horses flee on their own, if it is a matter of minutes to get away.

I wonder where I would go if everything is burning. I guess up to Cyndie’s family lake place, but that is just for the water. If it is extremely hot, dry, windy, and burning, there is every likelihood that the forests up there will be blazing, too.

The planet is going to become increasingly challenging to live on with the climate shifting the way it is. My preference would have been to live during a period when it is getting colder, instead.

One way to divert my attention from the heat and flames is to read up on the latest prognostications about the San Andreas fault. Seems like the kind of thing Hollywood makes movies about, and movies are all about distraction for entertainment, aren’t they?

I’m hoping for some rain here soon, before we get too dry.











Written by johnwhays

May 7, 2016 at 9:07 am

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