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03WRX5dr3Got what I wanted! Yesterday afternoon I completed the sale of my old car after just 4-days of listing it on Craigslist. The first person to test drive it made an immediate decision to buy, and offered my asking price. It couldn’t have gone any easier.

I’m giving credit to Cyndie’s influence, as I needed her to meet the buyer for a test drive while I was at the day-job. Who wouldn’t want to buy a car from her? I think she charmed them into making the quick decision, then she drove home and they drove off to get the cash.

I had the title with me and would connect with all of them back in the parking lot in River Falls on my way home from work. I got there first and picked an open spot in the parking lot where I would be easy to find. After a short wait, the buyer and his mechanic showed up. They presented the payment and I started filling out the paperwork.

They seemed relieved when Cyndie finally pulled up with the car. The first thing she said to me was that I had parked in the exact same space where she had earlier in the day, when initially showing the car. Great minds think alike.

After the deal was done, and we were safely on our way home in the car I purchased last week, she shared something else. While driving to meet us for the closing details, she noticed a sheriff approaching on the highway. He had his arm out the window and was gesturing to her to slow down.

If she had gotten pulled over and ticketed, that would really have put a damper on the otherwise festive occasion. As it was, her little story just added a laugh to an incredibly smooth situation that played out for us yesterday.

Goodbye, WRX wagon. You have been a great pleasure to own and drive.












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April 8, 2016 at 6:00 am

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