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IMG_iP1135eThis is one of the not hot compost piles in our paddock. Not much in the way of decomposition happening there. Maybe that will change this weekend when the mega-melt of February is expected to arrive.

The frozen compost piles aren’t hot, but the temperature of the air will be. Add a chance for some rain in the mix and our lawn may become visible by the end of the weekend.

Mud season!

I suppose I ought to think about getting the garden tractor tuned up and ready for battle.

This early warmup in interesting, but warmth at this time of year is a fickle thing. One moment it feels all summery and promising, and a day later we could be socked in by a foot or two of heavy, wet snow. Do. Not. Remove. Winter. Accessories. From. Your. Vehicles.

The odds of needing them stays high through the first week in May around here. I’m inclined to wait until June before finally choosing to store them someplace safe, where I will never remember to look the following November when I am desperate to scrape frost off a windshield again.

IMG_iP1138eThis past Monday, the horses were enjoying the last hour of our increasingly longer daylight while I was tending to the frozen  manure pile closest to the barn. I have a sense that they are going to enjoy a warm spell, despite the messy footing it promises to provide.

With their coats still winter-thick, I expect it may feel downright hot to them.












Written by johnwhays

February 18, 2016 at 7:00 am

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