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Very Happy

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Despite the annoying ongoing saga of my favorite auto repair shop failing to figure out why my “check engine” light keeps coming on, I am feeling so very happy today, over how well my homemade slow feeder hay boxes have worked out for our herd.

DSCN4385eWe keep the boxes pushed up against the back wall in the two spaces beneath the overhang, so the hay doesn’t get wet. There is enough space for two horses to nosh at the same time (if they are feeling agreeable).

Only one time did we find a box pulled way out of position. It was really puzzling, because there was a surprising lack of obvious drag marks that would have helped to reveal how it got there. Other than that curious instance, the horses haven’t showed any inclination to need to mess with the boxes at all.

I had struggled to make the boxes sturdy enough to withstand a beating, anticipating that the horses would test each one in a manner similar to how they tested our solar-powered electric fence charger. I made the mistake of hanging it in a location where they could reach it.

The red control knob disappeared, the plastic trim around the solar panel got ripped off, and they scratched up the paint with teeth marks. I wasn’t very happy about that outcome.

Occasionally, the horses will get extremely picky about hay they don’t want to eat and the grate ends up at an extreme angle, due to their eating only one end of a bale down to the bottom. Most often, they just munch away evenly and the grate settles to the bottom.

As I was making my way in and out of the gate to the small paddock last night, making trips to the hay shed, I noticed a sensation of also being very happy that our horses allow us to be so relaxed with gate management. I have yet to find evidence of them attempting escape from any of our fenced areas, and they show no tendencies toward threatening a getaway when I am occupied with my own entering and exiting through the openings.

This gives me the impression they are satisfied with their confines and all that is within.

When they are happy, I’m happy.











Written by johnwhays

January 28, 2016 at 7:00 am

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