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December’s Here!

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Crashes and spinouts. That is what the first significant snowfall produces for commuters. My hour-long drive to work yesterday morning almost doubled in time due to the first wave of snow that flowed over the region. Wave two, which started last night, added enough new depth that I expect the trip to work today will be slow once again.

DSCN4161eThat’s okay. It’s December!

Time for wish lists and holiday parties, gift planning and benevolent scheming. Bring on the holiday good cheer.

Sadly, our sweet doggy isn’t feeling very cheerful today. No sooner did we get her back to her normal old self, when she suddenly returned to vomiting again last night.

Is this the same issue or something different? Hard to say. Cyndie did recently give Delilah a couple things to eat that were not her ordinary fare. That will be curtailed entirely while we nurse her back to normal. It may be that we will need to restrain her to a strict diet indefinitely.

In honor of December, I’m including this picture of a wreath that Cyndie made this year while horsing around with some ribbons and tree branches.

Makes our place look festive, as if it were the holiday season or something. Of course, that was taken back in November, before all the white stuff blew in. Maybe I can get a new shot of it this afternoon while I am out plowing the driveway.

I’ll want to get things cleaned up and ready for the big melt that is forecast to be following this snow event.

Happy December!











Written by johnwhays

December 1, 2015 at 7:00 am

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