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Happy Horses

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I’m beginning to think that access to our hay-field could be what makes our horses happiest. This past week, Cyndie took down the barriers that kept the horses out of the hay-field. Early in the week we experienced the first bit of frost in a couple of low areas and it had become clear that we weren’t going to be able to enlist George’s assistance in cutting and baling the field, so we gave the horses full access to graze out there.

DSCN4000eThey didn’t hesitate for a moment and they’ve been out there pretty much non-stop ever since, except for brief stints to the paddock for a drink of water and servings of their feed pellets.

Despite our desire to get a second cut of hay off that field, which didn’t happen either of the first two years we were here, either, there were enough reasons to give up the wait and put the horses on it now, that it was an easy decision to make.

For one, not cutting and baling it would be the least amount of work. I’ve got plenty of other things available to occupy my time, so I’m more than happy with getting out of tossing bales.

Secondly, where would we toss them? There isn’t much in the way of room in the hay shed. That leads to the third reason this was an easy decision: We already have enough hay stacked up to get through the winter.

My primary interest was in cutting the field to discourage weeds and encourage more grass growth. It would be a shame to simply mow it down and not bale it, and getting bales to feed the horses at a later date is a real bonus.

We started to give the horses limited access so they would “mow” it down uniformly, which works great, but to continue moving them would require more temporary fence work than either of us was wanting to deal with right now. Easiest just to open it up in its entirety, and most fun for them, too.

It’s a treat to be able to give them something that makes them so happy.

If they are happy, we’re happy.










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October 3, 2015 at 6:00 am

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