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Turning Trees

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DSCN3982eDespite the mid-summer-like temperatures over the weekend, the trees are starting to reveal the onset of fall. They aren’t in concert with each other by any means, nor even with themselves, as you can see by this picture.

I was feeling a bit of disappointment last Thursday when I looked at the edge of our woods from a distance and got the impression that the leaves of many of the trees were beginning to just fade to brown and drop off.

There was evidence supporting that on the trails, which are becoming increasingly paved with dried brown leaves. Where is the color?

It is not unusual that our trees change colors at different times, but I am always a bit surprised by the significant difference in timing of the variety of maple trees we have. I suppose it wouldn’t be confusing to me if I would simply figure out the identity of them all. That would likely allow me to discover the typical behavior of each to the changing seasons.

DSCN3983eOn one corner of the hay shed there is the tree with several limbs already a deep red, while the one beside it on the other corner of the shed, remains all green.

The green one made more sense yesterday, when the mid-day heat felt like it might still be June. I won’t even get into details about how much the grass continues to grow.

I have no complaints about the incredible comfort this weather affords. When we stepped out last evening to watch the spectacle of the full super-moon becoming eclipsed by earth’s shadow, the air was marvelous.

The universe put on quite a show.

We walked down to the gazebo in the back pasture to sit in chairs there and enjoy the view. I was hoping the horses might wander over and share the moment with us, but they opted to stay off in the distance.

On top of all the excitement of the beautiful night and shadowed moon, I spotted two shooting stars. The only thing that could possibly have made it any more impressive would have been a display of Northern Lights (aurora borealis) showing up.











Written by johnwhays

September 28, 2015 at 6:00 am

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