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Increasing Connections

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On our day off from riding, I started the morning by riding my bike to breakfast. I had the best banana-nut pancake that I recall having ever eaten. The referrals we received from locals were right on.  

photo courtesy Julie Kuberski

Back at the park, I had an opportunity to sample the game of Pickleball. My partner, Doobie, and I went 2-0, after which I quit. Undefeated!

Then I rode the bike again, up to visit Myre Big Island State Park. After that, a few of us stumbled into an opportunity to go to lunch with our ride director, Bob Lincoln, to someplace that would have good salad choices for lunch. 

We found the clubhouse restaurant at the Wedgewood Golf Club, also local-recommended. Got what we wanted, and thensome. It was gorgeouse and we were well-received. They made us feel like VIPs. 

I made a rare attempt at a selfie:  


Back at the park where we are camping, I was able to share some quality time socializing for the balance of the afternoon. 

Finally, for dinner, I left the bike behind -it was our off-day, after all- and joined a group in walking to find a desirable restaurant that was open. Luckily, we were early to arrive at our choice, as the establishment was under-staffed and couldn’t help but fall way behind in serving eager customers. 

Weather was beautiful and allowed us to enjoy a fabulous day of getting to know people who are new to the trip this year, as well as to know a few of the long-time riders even better. 

Written by johnwhays

June 17, 2015 at 6:00 am

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