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Preparations Underway

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It’s that time again. In 4 days I depart for a week of bicycling and tent camping. Preparations are underway to get my bike ready, my butt ready, and my gear pulled out of storage.

I haven’t been out on the bicycle much at all this year, but I have snuck in a couple of rides covering a reasonable number of miles, enabling me to feel at least minimally prepared for what’s ahead. On Saturday I ventured out alone to explore some of the country roads around our place, and managed to be out riding for twice as long as I had intended. I figured that to be a good sign. One, that I was even able to do it (although I was thoroughly spent by the time I reached home again), and two, that I was feeling up to riding for that long.

I tried to follow that up yesterday with another workout in the saddle, but very quickly my legs let me know they hadn’t had enough time to recover from the day before. Seems I picked a tricky time to ask my body to readjust to getting less sugar, since I also need to prepare to do a week of long distance cycling. My energy stores are a bit confused.

It is a good thing I cut my ride short, because we had family stop by to celebrate Cyndie’s birthday which was during the week last week. I thought they were just making a brief appearance while on their way home from the lake, but it turned out they hadn’t been at the lake and ventured our way just for a little party. What fun!

DSCN3525eCyndie served up some treats and pulled out the lawn games for the niece and nephews. They gave her a fabulous collection of mini figurines and decor that are now wonderfully arranged down by the labyrinth garden. We had a beautiful afternoon of outdoor activities, although keeping to mostly high ground.

Overnight Saturday, we received another inch and a half of rain in a spectacularly dramatic flashing thunderstorm. Our low spots are now all standing water after a pattern of repeated soakings last week. The horses —well, mostly the two geldings— rolled in the fresh mud in attempt to keep the biting flies at bay.

Despite how annoyed they were with the flies, all four horses seemed particularly well-behaved during the period our visitors were mingling with them at the barn.

DSCN3526eDelilah was delighted to have so many people to interact with and throw things for her to chase. She completely dropped any hint of heeding our commands and made herself at home in the landscape pond whenever she got hot and tired. It looked like she was thinking about taking up tree climbing at one point, when something particularly interesting got her attention up in a pine tree that was much taller than with which she should have been bothered.

I know this week will be gone in a blink and my hours for packing will expire, but I’ve done this bike trip enough times that I’m hoping it will all fall into place in the nick of time.

I usually does.












Written by johnwhays

June 8, 2015 at 6:00 am

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  1. We can ride together John. I haven’t been training much either. And since we are riding in my area of the state, I might able to find us a shortcut if needed. 😉


    June 8, 2015 at 11:49 am

    • I like the way you think, Steve. That sounds like a good plan in preparation for the upcoming week. We can ask Gary to reserve us a good tenting spot, since he will be riding like the wind and likely finishing with those arriving early in the afternoons. That is, on the days we actually have miles left to our next overnight after lunch.


      June 8, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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