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Trip Happens

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It’s been just a few days that we have been home and the demanding daily routines are threatening to eclipse the glow within us that remains from our brilliant time with the Morales family in Guatemala. Although we have returned to Wintervale, my mind continues to be pleasantly distracted with the memory of the voices and faces of our friends. The blessing of our connection with them is something larger than I am able to grasp.

On the morning that we drove down our driveway to depart for the airport, our 4 horses broke into a run toward our direction, as if aware of the significance of our plans. We took the energy of their uncharacteristic behavior as a sign they understood what we were up to. We hadn’t even gotten down the driveway and our trip was feeling like something special.

Just a few weeks earlier, I had suggested to Cyndie that she should consider making the trip without me, since we hadn’t found anyone to take care of our animals. When Cyndie offered up this possibility, Dunia confidently responded, “No, John will be coming.”

A few days later, a combination of people materialized who could miraculously cover the exact dates we needed, and our trip was on. Elysa dropped us off at the airport. We flew to Houston, and after a short layover, had an easy flight to Guatemala City.

Our passports stamped, we walked toward the exit and immediately spotted the smiling faces of our greeting party ready to whisk us off to over a week of exceptional hospitality. The drive to their home didn’t take long, but I was definitely feeling like I had been traveling all day. Every sight was a new adventure for me, taking in the views as we drove and talked.

To their credit, Guatemala doesn’t move their clocks to daylight saving time, but I was totally disoriented to the hour, so it didn’t really matter. We arrived at their beautiful home, met their pack of dogs, exchanged some gifts, talked around their table, ate an amazing dinner they prepared, and stayed up way past everybody’s bed time.DSC03752e

I hardly thought to pull my camera out that first evening, but here is a shot that Cyndie took the following morning of me playing Jose’s guitar. The fabulous view out the expanse of their windows and the beautiful colors inside the room provide an excellent sample of the glorious treat our senses were to enjoy for the days to come.

Keep in mind that there was a wet covering of snow on the ground at our place when we started out in the morning. How lucky we were that this trip was able to happen for us. Even better, Marco and Dunia had prepared a spectacular plan for the duration of our visit.

Tomorrow, they split us up for two distinctly different adventures…











Written by johnwhays

April 9, 2015 at 6:00 am

3 Responses

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  1. What a beautiful room! the gardens are so lush and green! I bet it is pretty hard to be back to this season, though it is always good to get home


    April 9, 2015 at 10:06 am

    • Yes, both! We were richly inspired by their luxurious gardens to want to grow more variety of exotic plantings in our surroundings at home, but our climate and past struggles at gardening success threaten to weigh down our enthusiasm. It is a future goal we can strive toward in reasonable, achievable steps, to at least improve on our current setting, albeit limited by our short growing season!


      April 9, 2015 at 10:17 am

      • That is what is so great about really getting away! Once you take care of all the junk that piles up in your absence, you can sit back and bring all the new sensations home with you and get so much inspiration from what you want to keep as part of your lives! I’ve been eagerly awaiting your return for a picture! this was great!


        April 9, 2015 at 11:08 am

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