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We did it! We are on a stay-cation! Our house-sitter, Andy, arrived yesterday afternoon and we hung around long enough to see him feed the horses, then ran an errand to nearby Baldwin while he served dinner to Delilah and Pequenita. After that, we packed the car and drove off to stay at Cyndie’s parents’ house for a few days, through the new year.

The errand we were on was, washing the horse blankets at the laundromat that has large-sized washers. Boy, did we pick the wrong time to do that. First, the horses could really use those blankets about now. We are under a severe wind-chill warning for 24 hours. Second, after we got the blankets loaded and washing in the giant machines, we spotted the sign that said, “Don’t put horse blankets in the dryers.”

Oops. I suppose if you wash them in the summer, you could just hang them outside to dry. Sadly, the spin cycle on these machines didn’t do much in the way of pulling excess water out of the blankets. It was running off a couple of them as they hung over a high bar on the rolling clothes baskets provided.

We were making a heck of a mess on the floor. About the time I was ready to freak out over the situation we had created, Cyndie’s resourcefulness had her digging through a trash bin to discover an old t-shirt and baby blanket that had been tossed. We used those to mop up as best we could and I hauled the blankets back out to the car in the rapidly dropping temperatures.

We waited another half-hour for a comforter to dry and then were ready to stop back and see how Andy was doing with our animals. When we got to the car, the windows were all fogged up from the moisture of the blankets. What a fiasco.

Happily, we found everything in good order at home and felt confident that Andy was plenty competent to manage things in our absence. We spread out the blankets in the basement to dry, packed up the car with our stuff, and headed west to my in-laws’ place.

About the time we were retiring for the night, we received a text that Andy had chosen to move the horses into the barn for the night due to the wind-chill warning. Minutes after Cyndie replied with some added details related to keeping the horses in the stalls, she received Andy’s response that all had been done.

It already feels like we are on vacation.









Written by johnwhays

December 30, 2014 at 7:00 am

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