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I am so lucky to have the support of family to help care for Cyndie during her initial recovery period. Today is the 1-week anniversary of her hip replacement surgery, and by all accounts, her convalescence is right on track. Having family here to contribute their energies to our routine is one of the reasons for her progress.

It also has enabled me to simultaneously accomplish some weather-dependent projects that were on my list of things to do if the temperature ever rose above freezing. The weekend became my chance.

I do have a proclivity for letting non-essential tasks linger untouched while my attentions are directed toward things I find more appealing. Once classic chore I struggle with is, cleaning out the stalls in the barn. It’s been a long time since the horses were last held in there, and I have been walking past the open doors for over a week without doing anything about the messes they left behind.

When the weather forecast threatened the possibility of rain and sleet, I realized I couldn’t afford to ignore that chore any longer. While Julian and his girlfriend were around on Saturday to keep Cyndie company, I was able to finally get the stalls clean and readied for occupation by the time rain arrived last night.

The horses gladly moved in.

Yesterday, Cyndie’s parents came over and I was able to fix a couple of spots on the electric fence that were arcing, and then also work on something that I thought wouldn’t happen until next spring. The warm temperatures of the last two days obliterated what little snow cover that had accumulated.

I seized the opportunity to clear out a good portion of our manure composting area to make space for the loads filled with wood shavings that come from the barn in the winter. By dumping the composted manure behind the shop garage, I doubled my accomplishment, as that location had eroded and was sorely in need of fill.

Cross two more things off my “to-do” list, thanks to family support.











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November 24, 2014 at 7:00 am

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